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A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color on the interior, as well as a new coat of exterior paint, is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your home’s showing appeal. Buyers can better see your home’s potential with a ‘fresh canvas’, resulting in a 112% return on investment.

mple improvements that don’t cost much can sometimes do more to add to the resale value of a house than a major remodel project. One of the most affordable ways to give your home a fresh look is with some paint. The editorial staff at HGTV points out that painting may get you as much as a 300 percent return on your money. Although colors can add warmth and style, a buyer might not find the same color schemes attractive that you do. Painting in neutral 

colors may increase the chances of selling your home. While painting the entire exterior of your home can be a costly project, painting exterior doors and window trim can make a big difference without emptying your pockets.

fresh coat of paint or new siding will make your house pop out in value. Envision the difference between peeling old paint and fresh paint and siding. A fresh coat of paint is less expensive than siding, and you can do it yourself with proper prep​aration . Vinyl siding is more costly than paint, but it typically offers an 80% cost recoup. Compare the cost of paint and siding by contacting a reliable siding expert or painter .

Quality of Paint Job

  • Potential homebuyers want to know that you have taken pride in your home and have worked hard to maintain it. Painting a house increases the value of a home and makes it worth more at resale as long as the quality of the paint job is acceptable. Paint spills, paint drips, brush marks and uneven coats of paint will reduce the visual appeal of your home and potentially decrease its value. It is important to make sure that exterior and interior paint jobs are completed with professional results. High quality paint projects increase the worth of a home.

Market Competition

  • Painting your house will make your property stand out in a competitive market. With a market that is saturated with many available real estate properties, a fresh paint job helps your house stand out from the rest. Some homebuyers do not have extra disposable income available for home improvements, so a fresh paint job will reduce the amount of expected outgo accompanying the home purchase. Painting the exterior and interior of a home makes it stand out against the competition.