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New home construction Exterior and Interior Painting has always been our specialty for over 40 years. Our process to achieve the absolute highest quality end product that is unmatched. We can do it efficiently and affordably. Many have attempted to copy our systems because of its success. Our job site policies set us above our competition year after year. You will find clean job sites that are organized as well as employees that are clean and personable. 


A Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your home's appeal. Damage from the sun, rain and snow can severely deteriorate your exterior surfaces. Protecting your Home’s Value potential can result in a 112% return on investment in the long run. There is a huge difference between peeling old paint with no appeal and what  

Fresh Paint and Trim can do to upgrade it's appeal. When exterior paint cracks and peels it allows the underneath to get damaged by moisture and mold. The key is to paint before it becomes an emergency. As a general rule, the exterior should be re-painted every 5-8 years. A Fresh Exterior Coat will not only keep your home always looking its best, it will also reduce the risk of dry-rot, termites and other costly problems that come from neglect. Applied professionally, a Fresh Coat should protect you for years to come. A Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint has the power to transform the look of your home. Let us help you protect your most valuable asset.

Re-Vitalize that out of date Living Room, Den, or Entertainment Space. Invigorate your Bedroom with Warm Color. Then complete your Children's rooms and Kitchen with Fresh Color Inspiration. A Fresh Coat to the entire interior of your house will transform it from mundane to inspiring. Transform it with your own personal sense of style. A beautiful Fresh Coat will protect your interior and keep it beautiful for years to come, and can also increase your property value. Paint is permeable which means it can be penetrated. Interior paint can absorb odors from smoking and cooking grease actually adhere to the wall in the form of a greasy film not always seen with the naked eye.  

Humidity also can reside inside your home as well, in the most unlikely of places. When paint cracks and peels it allows the drywall underneath to get damaged by moisture and mold. We care about our environment so we take an environmental approach toward Eco-Friendly and Air-Quality Alternative Paint Solutions for your Home's interior. Making all the right choices will require thoughtful planning, we can help you with the right color and product appropriate to your style and personality. 

November 2015 - November 2016

Residential Projects Completed:

262,112 SF of Custom Painting

Exterior Services:

Full Exterior Painting

Windows, Doors and Siding Sealing

Deck Staining

Walk Way Sealing

Waterproof Driveways

Concrete Coating

Pressure Washing

Interior Services:

Modern, Contemporary and Classic Italian Styles

Full Interior Painting

Faux Styles

Wall covering

Drywall Repair

Cabinet Staining and Painting

Decorative Concrete Floors, Stairs and Custom Concrete Counter tops

Garage Floors

Have questions email: [email protected]